January 31, 2018

Monkeys as Pets – It is Cruel

We’ve all seen a monkey at least once in our lifetime. At the zoo, the county fair, somewhere at some point in time and thought how fun it would be to own one. Am I right? Sure, don’t feel bad if you answered yes. They are cute and adorable as babies. But have you ever thought about what a monkey would be like as an adult? If it would be aggressive, carry disease, or did you ever consider a monkey to be a wild animal?

Well they are. Monkeys as pets are a lifelong commitment that most people do not consider and most do not consider the issues of what happens when a monkey matures. The purpose of this article is to inform you of what it would be like to have a monkey as a pet and why it is considered cruel. They don’t belong in homes, they belong in the wild with their species like other wild animals of their kind
. Did you know that babies are taken from the mom at 3 days old? Yes, 3 days old, if that isn’t cruel nothing is, they give them a blanket or a stuffed animal in place of their mother and the babies rock back and forth sucking their thumb trying to sooth themselves. Sad, sad, thought.monkeysaspets

Difficulties of Raising a Pet Monkey

Monkeys are not your typical pet such as a dog or cat that may live 12 years, these guys live in excess of 20 years, and a well cared for monkey can live to be 40 years old. Now imagine this, since monkeys do not mature like humans do, you would essentially be taking care of a “toddler” for all those years. This is a huge commitment that could really impact your lifestyle and the monkey’s as well.

Some, okay most monkeys do not take well to certain people and it could be hair color, size, male, female, whatever it may be and make life very difficult inside the home for those caring for it. Remember, you have a monkey now, what are you going to do when you want to go on vacation? If you decide you cannot care for the monkey any longer, which happens all too often and decide to re-home it, this is very difficult on it, emotionally devastating to the monkey and they have a very hard time adjusting to a new family because they do bond with their first owners. Most families do not realize what they are getting into when they purchase the monkey.


Now comes the cost, it is very expensive to house these guys with their enclosures because you certainly can’t leave them roaming about your house when you’re gone to work or at the grocery store. Along with the enclosure you need proper permits if you can get one in your state and some states require you to purchase special insurance on your home-owners policy. Some monkeys require a special diet and others may require monkey feed, so this would be an additional expense as well. So be prepared to shell out some extra dough if you want one of these.

Health and Behavior

A veterinarian from the Phoenix Zoo has stated some important facts about monkeys being kept as pets and it’s pretty disturbing to say the least. What’s really sad is I have known a couple people that have had primates for pets and I really didn’t like it. They always seemed anxious and out of their element. But anyway this veterinarian has stated that these monkeys are so smart and “emotionally complex” that in order for them to thrive and function at capacity, they must be with their own species. He also states that if you try to keep them as pets you’re creating a “mentally disturbed animal”. Now who wants that in their home? Not me. The longer the monkey is confined to the home, the more it is likely to become a bad pet with behavioral issues and “self-destructive traits”. That is scary and cruel to the monkeys and shocks me as to why people would want to do this to them.

Did you know that a simple cold sore that we get could kill the smaller monkeys like marmosets and tamarins? That’s crazy, so you have to be really careful with that. Then there are Macaques which could potentially carry the Herpes B virus which could be deadly to humans and that is transferred by bites and scratches. Testing that is done for these diseases is pretty good but unfortunately it’s not a hundred percent accurate which could be a deadly mistake for anyone that is bitten by an infected monkey.

Today, most people get their monkeys from zoos, laboratories, and breeders. Back in 1975 The U.S. Centers for Disease Control prohibited monkeys and other nonhuman primates from being imported into the United States.

Trustworthy Companion – Yay or Nay

That sweet little monkey baby that you purchased grew up, right? Now what? It doesn’t like your spouse, it’s wreaking havoc on your home and has bitten you several times. Are you going to give up on it? Maybe get its teeth pulled out, keep it locked up in the enclosure more often or look for a zoo or sanctuary to put it in? These are the questions you should have thought about before getting the monkey in the first place because now the monkey is going to be more stressed and psychologically damaged when it gets placed in a new home.

When, monkeys reach sexual maturity about age 5 they will become aggressive. These monkeys will play with their feces, throw it, and generally make a complete mess. You cannot potty train a monkey.

Monkeys Make Bad Petsmonkeysaspets

In conclusion, monkeys as pets is a form of cruelty. Looking back it causes the monkey great distress mentally and physically. They are unable to thrive in a household, they need to be able to socialize with other monkeys as they are very brilliant and active creatures that can live to be 40 years old.

They can be aggressive and pass deadly diseases to humans and not to mention they are ripped from their moms at the tender age of 3 days old. Those that are re-homed are likely to go to a labaratory if sanctuaries are full, zoos do not take pets. So please, if you are considering a monkey as a pet, think long and hard before doing so, and it is illegal in 30 states.

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