March 12, 2018

Kids Who Abuse – Who is at Fault?

Not my child!  Certainly that is everyone’s response naturally.  All of us believe in our children, they are raised properly, in a good home with a good foundation of course in the real world that is a fantasy.  Some of you may have heard of the very infamous serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer he actually grew up in a very normal home with two loving parents but yet he had a deep desire to torture and kill animals which eventually led to him becoming one of the United State’s most well known cannibalistic serial killers of all time!

Jeffrey Dahmer Yearbook Photo

What I find shocking about Dahmer is theories show that kids/teens who injure or kill animals will most certainly come from a home that is abusive or they come from homes without a father figure. Dahmer had a normal life growing up until his mom left the home just before he graduated in 1978, that summer is when he committed his first murder!  Do you see the connection between kids who abuse and who is at fault?

The Warning Signs

As humans we love to see babies interacting with dogs and puppies saturated on YouTube.  The giggles are hilarious when you hear it and you literally can’t get enough of it, but there really is a dark side to some children when it comes to animals.  A loss of innocence that we do not want to know about nor do most of us recognize but it does exist and it is very real.

Most children love to come into contact with the family pet no matter what it is, the dog, cat, hamster, or bird.  Their curious nature is unfounded, pulling of the tail, or ears is natural but as parents the obvious is to teach them the proper way to interact with an animal.  Be gentle, don’t pull their fur, don’t stomp on their feet or pull their tail, they may get bit or snapped at and then it’s the animal’s fault.  Then comes the more serious intent, malicious behaviours.  Your dog or cat is in big trouble when animal cruelty is about to begin.  Fortunately for you the ASPCA has developed some warning signs, if you notice ANY of these signs you can get professional help for your child to help him/her.  Trust me, this could help them in the future against hurting another animal or tragically another human being.injured dog leg

The warning signs:

  • Chasing a scared pet
  • Keeping a pet in a locked closet
  • Leaving the pet outside
  • Feeding the pet foods that are harmful to them
  • Giving the pet prescription meds meant for humans to see the reaction in them
  • Placing rubber bands around their paws very tightly
  • Putting them in a microwave, washer, dryer, or dishwasher
  • Burning the pet
  • Using firecrackers or fireworks on the pet
  • Putting the pet in dangerous situations such as dangling them from the tail, or putting them in the middle of the street
    Injured Dog Trying to Hide


Why Kids Abuse and Kill Animals 

Do you think this is up for debate?  Some say yes, some no.  Some say it’s parenting, others say kids are born that way.  There are theories about it and studies researched about this topic, but either way it does happen, kids abuse, torture, and kill household animals, dissect road kill, and hunt other animals in the wild to watch them die.

Sadly, most kids abuse animals because they themselves experience some type of abuse at home.  These kids retaliate on pets in anger and frustration.  These children account for 30% of those who experience some form of domestic violence or abuse, in turn they lash out on animals.  This has become so prevalent Social Services and Animal Control Agencies have learned to cross train with each other and are able to recognize the signs of abuse and take action when needed.  Which gives hope to families around our country.

Dog With Injuries Treated

In Closing

All forms of abuse is abuse whether at the hands of an adult or a child.  Be aware if your child is committing acts of cruelty to your pet and you do nothing about it and it gets reported, you as an adult can be held criminally responsible.  I know that in the state of Michigan it is a felony to commit cruelty to animals.  When your child is small they will have a natural curiosity about your pet, be sure to teach them properly how to handle that pet.  If you see any signs of abnormal behavior, I mean any, nip it in the bud fast!  You can get help, reach out to a friend, relative, a professional, do not let it go unnoticed.  There a are links to animal cruelty and adult criminal behavior. It doesn’t mean your child will grow up to be a psychopath, cannibalistic, crazed serial killer but there may be some underlying psychological issues that can be dealt with early on and save a whole lot of heartache later.

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  • Hi, Kristen,

    I really enjoyed the article! It touched me very much, as I have three small kids and now you turned my attention into the direction to strictly follow their communication with animals!
    You made me think how a kid from a decent family could very quickly turn into a cruel person if the parents overlook something in their world!
    I liked very much the factors in the kid’s behavior we have to look at, regarding communicating with animals!

    Thank you!

    • Absolutely Tony! Of course not all kids that hurt animals will turn into serial killers but it’s safe to assume if you see a child’s friend or a neighbor child abusing a pet, their might be some hidden trauma somewhere. Just something to be aware of. Dahmer was a bit of a mystery, he was raised right. I’m very glad you enjoyed the article, it was my pleasure writing it. I hope you come back to read more.
      Very truly yours,

  • I’m with the argument that parents have a lot to do with kid’s behaviors, particularly, cruelty to other living things. I’m not a parent yet however, I’ve seen children who were left alone in the house either with toys or pets and then with access to gadgets watching whatever available on the internet that can affect their understanding of how to progress in life. One time, I’ve seen my 5-year old nephew playing a game that tortures a cookie, I forgot what it’s called. Although it looks funny and the subject is a cookie that looks like a teddy bear, it’s still torture which he might perceive as okay to do either to human or to animals. Poor pets they won’t be able to defend themselves, or if they do, it’s not going to be a good scene for both the child and the pet.

    • You are absolutely right. These kids can be taught either by what they see in the home, on television, or what they see on the internet or on games, but really statistically children who come from abusive homes are more likely to abuse an animal. I’m going to write another article and try to elaborate more on that. Maybe with more statistics and the cause and effects.

      Thanks for reading and of course always be aware of your surroundings and if you suspect abuse please report it to the proper authorities.


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