February 28, 2018

Fur Farms – Domestic Dogs and Cats Are Dying Daily – A Chinese Horror Story

House Cat – Someone’s Pet

The famous Scientist, naturalist, biologist, Charles Darwin said this perfectly, “There is no fundamental difference between man and the higher mammals in their mental faculties…. The difference in mind between man and the higher animals, great as it is, certainly is one of degree and not of kind. The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man. We have seen that the senses and intuitions, the various emotions and faculties, such as love, memory, attention and curiosity, imitation, reason, etc., of which man boasts, may be found in an incipient, or even sometimes a well-developed condition, in the lower animals.”

This might be the toughest one yet.  During many hours of research on this topic, fur farms has proved to be very disturbing and ugly.  Yes, dogs and cats in China are taken from private homes, unbeknownst to their owners and taken to these fur farms for their, yep you guessed it, their fur.  Do you know what their favorite dog breed is?  It’s a German Shepherd because it closely resembles a coyote or raccoon in their eyes and long-haired cats are kept as pets while the short-haired ones are preferred for their pelts.

Not Just Dogs and Cats

Where to begin.  The United States has big business in fur farming.  Wisconsin for instance farms Mink and fox for fur.  They have huge operations.  Decide for yourself if you think it’s brutal or not to keep mink in cages from birth to death only to keep them alive for their pelts and nothing else.  Ever hear of a raccoon dog?  I didn’t either until I began this research but apparently they are big business in China and are killed on a daily basis for their pelts too.

Some animals involved in fur farming are:

  • mink
  • rabbit
  • chinchilla
  • raccoon dog
  • domestic dog
  • domestic cat
  • fox

Who’s Guilty of Wearing This?  Practically All of Us

Obviously if you’re wearing a mink, rabbit, or fox fur coat we know where that came from, but if you are wearing a coat, gloves, or boots, maybe even a wool coat or a scarf, it might contain some type of  dog, cat, or raccoon dog fur in it without your knowledge.  China has become very good at labeling product to get it through U.S. customs legally.  The United States banned the import of the fur trade from China in 2000, makes me wonder why it took them so long.  But that has not stopped China from getting it through customs.

Raccoon Dog in actual Fur Farm

The point is that these fur farms mainly China, are marketing big business items such as toys and the latest “hot” items in the United States.  For example, fur items are being dyed hot pink to deceive the consumer.  Dyed pink attached as a tassel, let’s say to lingerie.  Of course you would buy it if you thought it was sexy and your husband or boyfriend really liked it. But the kicker is, you must look at the label and read what it says.   China will actually label that fur as a “byproduct”.  Be wary readers!  Also, in my next section I will be discussing why and how the animals are treated in these fur farms, and it is very disturbing and has actually kept me up at night.  It is shocking to me that there is that level of brutality against dogs just for their fur, and to know that I have a “faux” fur lined jacket in my closet and “faux” fur lined boots.  Sickening!  We buy faux fur thinking it’s saving the animals when it’s actually torturing and killing them.

The Brutality Behind Fur Farms

Can you imagine the horror of your domestic dog or cat being stolen from your home only to find out it went to a fur farm to face the unimaginable atrocities these animals face daily?  It’s something that I cannot comprehend, the video I watched was more than I could bare and it speaks volumes.  China accounts for more than 80% of the fur trade in the country.  They do not have any laws pertaining to animal rights therefore they pretty much can do whatever they want.  Caution:  What you are about to read is graphic.

Now with that being said, reports and hidden investigations show that animals including domestic dogs are being captured, taken to these farms and used for their fur.    The way the Chinese kill these dogs is horrendous, the dog is tied up tightly as to not get away and  it seems they take a sharp object such as a knife and slit the dog in their gut as to not damage the pelt, the dog then bleeds out writhing about on the ground, in some instances the killer may strike the dog on the head with a club to put the dog out of misery but generally not, investigations show many dogs and other animals are skinned while still alive.  I’ve heard, yet not confirmed that the meat is distributed to countries that eat dog meat.  I do know that dog meat is big business in South Korea, but that is a whole other story, I will be doing one on that in the near future.

Mink, rabbit, and others are kept in cages upon cages for years in the most awful conditions possible.  These animals are kept outside in the elements whether it’s hot, cold, raining, snowing, without proper shelter.  The cages are stacked upon each other in the most random ways possible. They have no toys, nothing to chew on, no nesting boxes and the mother’s who have babies more than likely will eat her babies instinctively to save them.

The molting season is during the winter months and then come spring time is slaughter time for these guys and then the unlucky ones are picked.  They get plucked out of their cages with a metal prong around their neck and get grabbed by their tail, some are hung by a foot on a hook and slit by a knife in the belly area, some bludgeoned about the head by a club, some are slammed on a hard surface until their bones break, but most are skinned alive according to investigative reports by  https://youtu.be/PHPi21kTZgk   .

In Summary

Looking back on what has been discussed, has it changed your mind on what you might look for in the department store?  It made me scour my closet and look at labels.  Did you know that faux fur had distinctive features compared to real fur?  I’ll give you the comparison real quick on what to look for, real fur feels soft, unlike faux fur that is coarse.  This is just one example and generally real fur is multiple colors and read the labels on garments if you truly want to help.  It really is that easy, remember China has been very clever on putting fur into our products from toys, to wool to lingerie.  Our animals, and domestic pets are suffering at the hands of these monsters.

Remember together we can end animal cruelty, be their voice.

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  • Hi Kristen,

    This message definitely needs to be heard. I can’t stand to see innocence of any kind violated. I’m normally a pretty passive individual but, I if came across one of these sadistic SOBs who enjoy doing this as a livelihood I’d be having some dark thoughts about what I’d like do to them. Not saying that I actually would (the only time i would invoke harm on someone is in self defense of myself or a loved one) , But that’s ok, they’ll get their Karma some day. There is a documentary called “Earthlings” that one can see on youtube. I watched about 10 minutes of it and couldn’t take it any more. Very maddening.

    Thanks for the info, God bless, Brad

    • I get what you’re saying Brad, don’t think for a minute those thoughts haven’t entered my mind as well. Just be mindful when purchasing fake fur from now on, we as consumers are being duped thinking fake fur is truly “fake” in all reality it isn’t.

      Thanks so much for reading and I will check out the video you mentioned. Have a blessed day yourself.

  • Animal cruelty has been going on for decades and it’s disgusting. I dislike hearing or seeing anything on this topic, it bothers me for days.

    Your research sure found a lot of awful discoveries out there it’s hearbreaking. I had no idea that cats, dogs, raccoons and other animals had their fur mixed in with others. They are tricking everyone with the false description on labels and dying fur.

    This information doesn’t get out to the public enough and should as a constant reminder of what we may be wearing!

    Your article opened my eyes to watch when I shop!


    • Yes! This was quite the eye opener wasn’t it? There is fake fur in practically everything and it has been cleared from my house after doing the research on this. This was so difficult to write about but a necessary topic for sure, sorry you had to see it but glad that it gave you some insight on the deception of what truly happens.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading the article, much appreciated!

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