April 18, 2018

Factory Farming and Animal Cruelty

Ever think about where your meal came from? Your steak, burger, or chicken sandwich? No? Not many of us think about that, but the animals stuck in factory farms deal with the unimaginable cruelty day in and day out as they fight the grueling conditions to survive each day just to serve one purpose, to feed humans. It’s a sad reality, to be brutally honest most of us are guilty of the consumption of eating factory farmed product, we can’t help it, it is literally everywhere.

What is Factory Farming?

Chicken Factory Farm
Factory farming is also known as Intensive animal farming or industrial livestock production. The term factory farming basically means produce as much product as possible at the lowest cost. Which in this case concerns animals that are raised for meat, milk, and eggs for production in mass quantity. The government and farmers do realize the impacts these farms have on the health and well-being on the animals and the environment, yet the factory farms still operate and are a booming business as of today. This is a link to a video that helps gain insight to what factory farming is.

Often these animals are subject to far crowded and severely dirty conditions. Most of them will be standing or lying in their own feces and urine, which causes gases to rise, and with this causes health problems to the animals which often goes ignored by the farmers. Veterinary is not an option either, as with disease or deformity, any animals that are born with such will die from the condition without any medical assistance or any regard for their life.

Early on in the 20th century when antibiotics were developed along with vaccines, scientists decided these could be given to chickens, they were then being housed inside and could raise more chickens on a larger scale without disease.

As the production of synthetic pesticides were born, and the ability to ship them worldwide to help the crops all due to WWII, the feeding population of 1 billion in people in 1800 to 6.5 billion hungry people in 2005. That is a humongous increase in population, hence the increase of animals to feed them.

Who Suffers in Factory Farming?

There are quite a few animals and birds, even fish who suffer in factory farming every day. Here is a list of the common ones who live the brutality of each day at the hands of farmers and their workers:

  • Chickens (Broiler Chickens)
  • Hens (Egg Laying)
  • Pigs
  • Beef Cattle
  • Dairy Cows
  • Veal Calves
  • Turkeys
  • Ducks

    Calves separated from mothers going to auction
  • Geese

The suffering is constant and it does not discriminate one from another. It’s just as bad if it’s a cow or a chicken. Although all this cruelty is horrific, the one that really touches a nerve with me is the cows. I grew up on a dairy farm, helped my dad with milking cows, watched the babies being born. I have firsthand knowledge of how gentle these creatures are and it breaks my heart to see the cruelty they go through.

Calves being snatched away from their mother very quickly after birth is gut-wrenching, especially knowing the calf is going off to auction to be sold, then sent to a factory farm, raised in a tiny pen not large enough for him to turn around, he’ll be in there about 5 months and then slaughtered for veal. If there are any veal lovers out there, watch this video about how calves are taken to the auction barely able to walk, it’s sickening to watch and those who take these calves literally have no soul.

Facts That Are Shockingly True

  1. Most chickens on factory farms have their beaks cut off at birth without painkillers. The reason for removing the beaks is to keep them from pecking each other to death, although the procedure alone can kill them.
  2. “Cage Free”, “Range Free” and “Organic” are not what you think! They are not stuffed in a cage, but they are certainly not roaming free on field somewhere on a farm either. There are no laws protecting these birds and I mean none!
  3. Calves are taken away almost immediately after birth. A mother cow cries for her baby
  4. Over 80% of antibiotics used in the U.S. were used on Factory Farms to ensure healthiness and growth
  5. Practically all cows are eating a diet consisting of corn w/GMO in it. Cows have been eating grass for since the beginning of time. It is such an unnatural diet that they need antibiotics to assist them in eating it.

Do factory farms look or seem like a good idea for the animals? Do they look like a good idea for you? I would have to answer a big fat no on both of those questions!


In Conclusion

Factory farming is big business right now. It has to be as long as humans are consuming meat, milk, and egg products. It was nice to learn though that veal consumption is down to an all time low and only about less than 18% of the population prefer veal. Now, if that 18% were to give that up all together veal may well become extinct and those calves saved! The chain restaurant Olive Garden has taken veal off its menu because they no longer want to be a part of the animal cruelty and the factory farming debate. Very happy about that decision, I love Olive Garden and their meat free options!

Now that you know a little about factory farming, has it changed your mind about meat? About your consumption about milk or veal? If you watched the videos I posted it would! They are a bit graphic and had me in tears, like I stated earlier, growing up on a dairy farm knowing the sweet nature of cows it was disturbing to see these animals being treated in the manner they were.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for stopping by!

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