March 16, 2018

Dog Meat Trade – Barbaric and Inhumane



An Akita Dog Breed

That title alone seems barbaric and inhumane.  But in all reality it’s very true and happens to thousands of dogs each week overseas mainly in portions of Asia such as Indonesia, China, South Korea, and Vietnam to name a few.  In this topic I have uncovered some truly shocking, revealing, horrific, and unspeakable acts of cruelty against domestic dogs that you and I call our best   friend.

In this portion I have included a YouTube video that describes a very, very, graphic scene of what really happens within the confines of Thailand’s Dog Meat Trade.  Please Do Not Watch if you think you cannot handle it, but it is very informative and gives great insight into why and how they do it.  I hate it and it took everything I had to get through it!  I cried and cried, but the research on this topic was a necessary evil and my apologies to those who do not approve but again, this is bringing awareness, and I am NOT promoting it!!!  Here is the link to the extremely graphic video.

Who Gets The Death Sentence

A dog like yours, a dog like mine, one with a name and one who lives on a city street.  None are safe from the vultures who prey on the innocent who are unable to cry out for help, or runaway from the grasp of their hooks and ropes.  Some dogs are so gentle, kind, and trusting they will walk right up to their captor and give them a loving nudge as if they are being comforted instead of being kidnapped, eventually beaten, force fed, and if he’s “lucky” he will have perished when it comes time to have been skinned.  Most have not.

These dogs are hunted as if they are prey such as hunters prey on deer in the woods.  But in China, Indonesia, and places such as Vietnam the dog population is so extreme the numbers are high and finding the victims is easily accessible, but the real heartbreaking part is why they take pets out of their own backyard?  I have seen footage of collars placed in pile where those had been someone’s pet at one time.  Why?  Because it’s big money that’s why.  Shockingly in China and in Indonesia, dog meat is not their meat of choice, they do it for the money.

Dog Meat Vietnam
Only about 7% of Indonesia’s population will eat dog meat but that number is still in the millions and in China the consumption of dog meat will vary upon region, and it seems the rate is declining but it doesn’t mean the dogs are out of danger.  These people that steal and hunt dogs risk getting caught, when they do they get slapped with a fine, pay it and get back out there to do it again.  The jails are so overcrowded that these lowlifes are the least of the judicial system’s worries.  More than likely those at the top have their hand in the cookie jar too.  Like I stated, it’s big business, brings in big money for their country, community and most turn a blind eye.  But, we have the Humane Society International (HSI) that has coalatited big campaigns and has made huge strides in shutting down dog farms and intercepting trucks hauling hundreds if not thousands of dogs going off to slaughter.  They are working with the government’s overseas to set up shelters for these dogs and get veterinary services, get  them healthy and the ability to be adopted not slaughtered.  Give them hope.

Live Animal Markets – Extreme Cruelty

Did I get your attention?  Good!  Now brace yourself for some severely graphic material.  This is terribly barbaric and inhumane if it ever existed.  Have you ever heard of the travel site “TripAdvisor”?  Get this, a live animal market is where humans take live animals and kill them in front of customers for their consumption.  TripAdvisor promoted one of these extreme live animal markets in Indonesia as a “must see” for promotional gimmicks.  Pretty much promoting this kind of practice, well there’s a group called “Dog Meat-Free Indonesia” coalition and they were able to get the listing removed from the site.  Indonesia relies highly on their tourist population, so keeping tourists from these markets would help reduce the numbers of dogs being tortured and slaughtered.

As dogs are snatched up illegally, they are thrown into metal cages one on top of another crammed in like sardines until they are unable to move.  Some may suffocate, others may cry out in pain as bones break,  or because they are in fear of the unknown.  They will travel hundreds of miles in extreme weather without food or water and will have no option other than to urinate and defecate on one another.  Many will become too ill to weather the trip and not make it, some so ill that they will be killed immediately upon arrival.  The others will meet their fate when a customer decides they want a meal.  This cruel, barbaric, inhumane, shocking, footage will show you exactly what I’m talking about.  Please be warned this is graphic but gives inside knowledge of what is happening right now!  Again, be warned this YouTube video is graphic.

Caged Puppies
Caged Dogs

Nobody wants to know about this, if we don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist right?  Well it does and it’s practically happening right under our noses.  There are confirmed cases of visitors to Indonesia and other third world countries that have eaten dog meat and don’t know it.  These vendors and restaurants hide it from the menu, in some places it is illegal but yet they do it anyway.  Fortunately for the dogs and yes cats too, there are animal activists working right now to help end it, and little by little it’s helping.

What can you do?  This is what you can do, I have set up a link on this website to sign a petition to shut down China’s annual dog festival that happen’s each year on Summer Solstice and lasts for 10 days.  You can help by visiting  they are actively working to shut down these live animal markets in Indonesia.

Dog Meat Market in Vietnam

Like I’ve stated before, my mission here is to do it step by step, one animal at a time.  End Animal Cruelty, Be Their Voice.  With your help we can end it together!

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  • Hi Kristen:

    Thank you so much for this!

    I am an animal lover and feel reverence and respect for all creatures great and small.

    I am very aware of the dog-meat trade and the monsters who promote it. To me, it is just unbelievable that someone could treat any animal in such a manner, let alone a dog. As you know, dogs are faithful and loving companions who will do anything for their human friends.

    I have been to Bali and have seen the treatment of dogs on that island (likely similar to other parts of Indonesia). My brother and his wife, who live there, are constantly finding abused dogs and taking them into their home. It is so good to know there are people like them and you who care.

    I agree, animal cruelty must be brought to the forefront because I believe most people are largely unaware of the abuse animals suffer every day at the hands of humans.

    • Thank you Christopher for being an animal lover as well! We truly need more of you advocates out there and it makes my heart swell with happiness to know that your brother and sister in-law are doing their part to help end the abuse. That is what my site is all about, bringing awareness. Will you do me a favor and thank them for me? 

      I appreciate your kind words. Thanks again!

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