April 13, 2018

Bears Being Subject to Cruelty -The Tragedy and Horror Behind It

From bear baiting in the Ukraine, to bear farms in Vietnam the violence and tragedy against bears looms daily for these beautiful beasts. Unable to escape and defend themselves, they are subject to horrific pain and daily ritualistic abuse from humans and other animals such as dogs for medicinal and even entertainment purposes.

Baiting Bear – An Atrocity in Entertainment

Type of Hunting Dog

This is a practice in the Ukraine that is illegal to this day but still goes on behind closed doors. It is a terrible, brutal way for hunting dogs to train hunting. Get this, hunters will go out in the wild, find a mother bear with cubs, kill the mother and take the cubs. Stuff them into a box and take them off onto the back of a truck and into town raise them in metal cages next to restaurants, and other visible areas and use them as entertainment for visitors. All the while as they grow, many will have their claws ripped out, enduring much pain. In which I’ve heard it’s much like humans experiencing having fingertips cut-off.

While in captivity these bears are fed the bare minimum, no veterinary care, barely enough room to move around. Once full-grown, they are let out, not for fun, but for a grueling horrific, terrible couple hours of exhausting “training” with hunting dogs coming at them while they are tied up around the neck to a tree unable to fight back. Like I stated earlier most have their claws taken out so they are unable to cause harm to the dogs. These dogs attack and bite at the bear for nearly two hours at a time at which the bear becomes completely exhausted and cannot fight them off any longer. Meanwhile, the hunters have ropes attached to the bear controlling his every move. To gain better insight please view the video but I warn you it is not pleasant.

Luckily for these bears, Four Paws Rescue has launched a campaign and has been able to stop the illegal practice of baiting bear. Right now their are about twenty bears in captivity last I heard, and they are actively fighting to get the last of those bears into a sanctuary right now. Four Paws has worked tirelessly to help these bears and have opened many sanctuaries across the region and they will not stop until the last one is saved.

Asian Bear Bile Farms – No More!

This is a topic I literally stumbled upon. It’s horrible and unbelievable! I’ve written about fur farms overseas and to me it seems that these countries have no regard for the lives of animals. They will do whatever necessary for the love of money and thank goodness for our animal advocates that go to these countries and fight for the those who cannot fight for themselves!

Why? This is why, for medicinal purposes. When you think of a bear, you think a massive, majestic animal living in the forest or woods, far away from the population feeding on berries or salmon in the river leading a solace existence preparing for a long winters nap. Nope, not in China, Vietnam, or Laos. Not so much in Vietnam, it has been declared illegal to capture and contain bears in Vietnam, but it is still currently legal to have the ones still in captivity. Let me expand on why they are captured and contained, it’s simple, for their bile. It’s big business, it’s a money maker and is used in medicine across Asia.

Bile Bear in Crush Cage

Main types of bears used are:

  • Moon Bears
  • Sun Bears
  • Brown Bears

These bears are often caught as cubs, kept in tiny cages and unable to grow to full height and weight due to the size of the cage they are put in. These bears suffer unimaginable cruelty, lack of food, water, exercise, and the ability to interact with others. Day in, day out the bears are “milked” for their bile, usually twice a day. One can only imagine a life lived for thirty years in an environment such as this. I searched YouTube and found a video that describes this topic, you are encouraged to view it to gain a better understanding of the conditions these animals suffer.

Bile Extraction – Extreme Pain

Now we know the bears are stuffed into extremely small enclosures, suffering hunger and thirst now it’s time to learn the truth about the horrific act of bile extraction and the different ways it is extracted from the bear and the pain they suffer from it on a daily basis. The ones who become to ill and do not produce bile any longer will be shoved aside, left in their tiny cage to die of starvation all alone without any regard for its life or pain and suffering.

Bear Bile Extraction
A Moon Bear Living his Life Inside a Cage for the Purpose of Bile Extractraction

Remember the article about research animals? This one definitely tops the cruelty charts on that one. In China here is the list of extraction methods:


  • Latex Catheter – surgically implanted into the gall bladder, where up to 100 ml can be taken two times a day, but this way is risky as the catheter can clog due to the bile crysalizing
  • Metal Jacket A rubber pipe is surgically attached to the bear’s gall bladder, then attached to a fluid bag that is attached to a metal box. In order for this box to stay in place, the bear is fitted with a metal “jacket” that weighs just over 22 pounds. This is emptied bi-weekly, and most bears that wear this suffer infection, hair loss, and skin problems.
  • Metal Catheter – These are about 5-7 cm long and are surgically implanted into the gall bladder and the bile is extracted daily. The bears are kept in “crush” cages for years. This allows for easy extraction of the fluid. A crush cage does not allow movement for the bear at all.
  • Free Drip The most common practice which the bear endures surgery to open the duct from the gall bladder to the abdomen to allow a constant drip. But with this, the hole or membrane may grow over when the bile has drained, then it has to be re-opened inserting a metal tube through it. Obtaining bile this way has been considered the most humane way, but has had more contaminants and infections with it.


In conclusion, you can see the bears are in desperate need of saving! Luckily they are being helped and the laws are changing, but the farms in China are still legal. The ones in Vietnam will be shut down completely by the year 2020 thanks to Four Paws Rescue. They worked so hard on this. The baiting bear issue is currently illegal as well and only about 20 or less in captivity. Currently, they have activists working to free them to sanctuaries very soon. That story popped up on NatGeo last night and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I just had to write a little piece about it today.

I sure hope you thought this article was interesting. If so please feel free to leave comment! Thank you for stopping by.

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  • Hi there,

    Your article is very Interesting. It is so sad what these bears have to go through. That’s horrible, but glad Something is being done to save them. Bears should never be treated that way.


    • The mistreatment to these bears is unimaginable! So glad they have advocates in place to help save them. Thank you so much for reading.

  • Hi Kris,

    This is a brilliant article and a wonderful website

    reading stories and viewing videos of any form of animal mistreatment and cruelty drives me to the point of almost physical sickness.

    Mankind are supposed to be the superior species but with all the evidence as to how we treat animals that theory or belief should be seriously questioned.

    As it usually does with these things its the vested interests with the profit at all cost mentality who are perpetratng a reign of speakable horror within impunity.

    I signed up to your mailing list


    • Wonderful! Thank you Oliver from one animal lover to another! Quite honestly researching these topics has cost me many sleepless nights and countless tears. This latest article caught me by surprise as this was brought to my attention on the NatGeo channel. It was something that I could barely watch but I did and knew it need to be researched and written about.

      Thank you so much for your kind words on my article and website. Many more to come.

  • Thank you for your post and your passion. I too am an animal lover. In fact, I used to raise chickens and loved my hens.
    But to be completely honest, I didn’t care for what I saw in the video for sure, but it was not as bad as I expected. And when I think of a bear, I don’t of a “majestic animal living in the forest or woods, far away from the population feeding on berries or salmon in the river leading a solace existence preparing for a long winters nap.” I think of a wild creature living in a harsh wild, cruel, untamed environment.
    Again, I can’t stand cruelty of any kind. But the real difference here, is that the bear is at the top of the food chain in the wild and not so much in these other settings.
    Of course, being at the top of the food chain (that is man) does require some responsibility. I’m just surprised there’s only 20 being used for baiting.
    All the best.

    • Hi CT, thank you for your response. Of course we all have our own opinions of how we view wildlife and how we would like to think how they live and survive. I’m an optimist and value your opinion. Love the fact that you adore animals as well and greatly appreciate that. Certainly man does require some responsibility. Again, thank you!

  • What a horrifying thing to do. Humans are the cruelest of all animals living on this planet. You see this kind of thing being done everyday even in our own country United States.
    I am an animal lover and it just breaks my heart when I come across a story such as the one you have wrote. Could not watch the video but it is important to get the word out, to sign the petitions, an to have the government of all countries hear our concerns.
    Just when you think you can’t hear anything more horrible you come across something like this. Thank you for your information and I will sign your petition, would like to add a link to your site on mine if you don’t mind.
    Thank you again VickiG

    • Absolutely Vicki you may add a link! I love your passion as well, and like you these videos are horrifying to watch but a necessary evil. These have kept me up at night and in tears as I write, but it is for a good cause. It is my goal to bring these issues to the forefront and do my part to help.

      Again thank you Vicki and please feel free to visit again and thanks so much for signing the petition, each signature matters!!

  • Hello!
    I am saddened to see these bears. The bile extractions are horrible and can not imagine how anyone can do this.
    It does give me hope that there are people and organizations out there that work to save these animals.
    Keep up the work of sharing this information, by letting people know what is being done against and for these animals will help end this type of treatment.

    • Thank you for your response Kelly. This is an unimaginable horror for these bears, luckily Vietnam has banned it and will completely phased out by the 2020, but China is still completely legal. There are advocates working diligently through to help stop the extraction of bile and they won’t quit until the very last bear is saved. Until then, I will keep working and writing, bringing up the issues and keeping them active in the eyes of the viewers.

  • Thank you for this article. I found it disgusting that humans treat helpless bears in these ways in different areas in the world. I was glad to learn that these practices are becoming illegal in more places and hope that these practices are stopped really soon.

    • Thanks David, it is a disgusting practice and yes in Vietnam it will banned by the year 2020, but unfortunately it will continue in China. But, the popularity of it is decreasing so that is comforting as maybe soon it will be phased out. Our advocates are working diligently to help end it.

      Have a great day and thanks again!

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